Welcome to the Duclos Point Property Owners Inc. Website,

Duclos Point Property Owners Inc. (“DPPO”) is non-profit corporation established in 1955. The rationale and purpose of DPPO is to carry out the improvement, maintenance and protection of DPPO owned property and equipment, including the Duclos Point park and the three rights-of-way, to ensure the continued use and enjoyment of these properties for the benefit of the current and future “Members” of DPPO.

You can read more about the history DPPO and Duclos Point by going to the History page of this website.

The “Membership” of the DPPO consists of the property owners on Duclos Pt. Road who have made, and are current with, the payment of the annual dues. The DPPO Members annually elect members of a Board of Directors of the corporation whose mandate is to manage the affairs of the corporation in such a way as to fulfil the mandate of the DPPO as described above.

The full details of the governance of the DPPO can be found in the Bylaws information section of the website.

Each year, the Board presents the latest information on the affairs of the DPPO and its plans, establishes the membership annual dues, and discusses matters in general with the Members at the Annual Meeting on the 1st Saturday in July. You can see past Annual Meeting minutes and future agenda items under the Annual General Meeting section of this website.

Annual membership dues are established for the following year at each Annual Meeting. You can find the current Annual Dues amount, how you can remit payment, and a description of how the dues are used under the Dues section of this website.

The DPPO also supports community social events such as the Field Day, Corn Roast and Community Clean-up. You can find more information on these under the Events section of this website.

If you wish to contact the DPPO about any matter regarding the properties, their use and/or maintenance, please refer to the Contact section of this website. There you will find a list of the current Officers and Directors of the DPPO. For your convenience, the contact section also includes information on who to contact regarding roadways, garbage collection, town tree maintenance, snow plowing, town bylaw enforcement and lake management issues.

Our community is privileged to have been entrusted with the use and enjoyment of such beautiful properties and we appreciate the continued support of the Members of DPPO who recognise this with their continued support of this legacy.

The Board of Directors

Duclos Point Property Owners Inc.