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Why does the DPPO Exist?

To carry out the improvement, maintenance and protection of DPPO owned property and equipment to ensure the continued use and enjoyment of these properties for the benefit of the current and future “Members” of DPPO. It’s primary mandate is not to act as a community association, rather more as a property management trustee on behalf of the Members.

Who is a Member of the DPPO?

The “Membership” of the DPPO consists of the property owners on Duclos Pt. Road who have made, and are current with, the payment of the annual dues. Simply owning a property on Duclos Point Road or having deeded access to some of the rights of way, does not entitle  a resident to have a say in the affairs the properties managed by the DPPO, nor does it entitle a resident to the use of the facilities funded by and maintained by the DPPO.

How does a Member participate?

A Member participates, firstly, by the payment of the annual dues needed to preserve the properties as they are. A Member can further participate by volunteering to be a Board and/or Officer of DPPO, by volunteering at extra activities supported by the DPPO such as Field Day or the Corn Roast, or offering a particular expertise the Board may have need of on occasion. Occasionally, Members may be called on to make donations to the DPPO to support special projects such as new playground equipment, tennis court repairs, trees, etc.

What is the Annual Dues Amount this year?

The current year’s Annual membership dues are established at the prior year’s Annual Meeting based on the approved Budget. The annual dues payable in the current year are $300 per Member, approximately 82 cents a day.

The dues are due as of April 1st each year, but payable no later than the Annual Meeting on the first Saturday in July.

You will receive an invoice by email, or by mail if no email address is provided. Please make your cheque payable to “Duclos Point Property Owners Inc.” and ensure your Duclos Point address is on the cheque somewhere. Mail the cheque to:

P.O. Box 365
Sutton West, ON
L0E 1R0

Or pay online with Paypal – $300, plus $9 for the PayPal fee deducted please – Thank You.


What are the Annual Dues used For?

The annual dues are used to pay for the maintenance, protection and enhancement of the DPPO properties. The DPPO has  no other material source of income other than these voluntary dues from our members. The costs to be funded to retain the property ownership include grass cutting, spring and fall clean ups, tree maintenance, insurance, electricity, property taxes, as well as repairs and enhancement to the facilities on the property. Full details of how the dues are spent can be fount in the financial Information section of this website.

What happens if the DPPO were not to be financially supported?

The DPPO properties  would be sold to a third party for use as they see fit.