The Bylaws contain information on the following:

  1. Purpose and Establishment of DPPO
  2. Head Office
  3. Books and Records
  4. DPPO Year End
  5. DPPO Website
  6. Members of DPPO
  7. Annual General Meeting
  8. Special Membership Meetings
  9. Quorum at Member Meetings
  10. Voting at Member Meetings
  11. Irregularity in Calling Member Meetings
  12. Adjournment
  13. Board of Directors
  14. Requirements for a member of the Board of Directors
  15. Election of the Board of Directors
  16. Retirement or removal of a Member of the Board of Directors
  17. Board of Director Meetings
  18. Business at a Board of Directors’ Meeting
  19. Remuneration of Directors
  20. Officers of DPPO
  21. Duties of President and Vice President
  22. Duties of Secretary
  23. Duties of Treasurer
  24. DPPO Financial Reporter
  25. Execution of Documents
  26. Member’s Financial Obligations
  27. Annual Membership Dues
  28. Special Assessment
  29. General Provisions
  30. Borrowing, Sale of Assets
  31. Insurance
  32. Use of Real Property
  33. Privacy Laws
  34. General Authority of the Board of Directors and President

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